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Himalayan Crystal Salt is over 250 million years old and is regarded as the purest form of salt for therapeutic and medicinal purposes

Naturally occurring Crystal Salt is made up of over 90 minerals including sodium and chloride, making this exceptional healing aid a coveted, essential remedy and bartering device used over the centuries throughout the world.

Himalayan Crystal Salt is especially effective when used with light and heat. When the Himalayan Salt Lamp heats up, its rich surface attracts moisture in the air and in return emits negative ions. The negative ions bind together with the positive ions in the environment, clearing the air from dirty electricity caused by computers, TV's, radios, household appliances, cell phones, indoor lighting, and faulty outlets.

The Himalayan Salt Lamps also have been proven to help with treatment of disease, such as skin cancer, and disorders pertaining to sleeping and hyperactivity. Also have been tested for their effectiveness on concentration for children affected by ADHD symptoms.

Allergies asthma, and other breathing problems can be improved by using just one Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home. The negative ions of the Himalayan Salt Lamp help clear the air of dust mites, mold spores, pollen, smoke, pet dander, odors, and other forms of pollution.

It is recommended the for every 10 square foot that 1 pound of Himalayan Salt Lamp be used for maximum health benefits. When the Himalayan Salt Lamp gets dusty use a semi-damp cloth and dab the surface of the lamp.

The healing effects of colors on your body and mind.

Orange and yellow - Encourages intellectual comprehension and activates the pancreas, liver, and gall bladder.

Red - Strengthens the vital life force and activates the heart and circulation.

Pink - Supports the sense of partnership and love.

White - Cleansing and detoxifying effect and represents the healing aspect.

Enjoy your Himalayan Salt Lamp and if you have any questions feel free to call.

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